Top 5 Midfielders to watch out for in the upcoming FPL Season


Alexis Sanchez
The 28 year old attacker from Chile priced at £12.0m is definitely a midfielder to watch out for this season. He has been a great FPL asset for the past three seasons since he joined Arsenal from Barcelona. Last season he scored the highest number of points(264) which included 24 goals(2 from penalties and 2 from free kicks) and 10 assists. He hit the woodwork 5 times and missed 8 big chances last season. We are very confident that this season too he will finish amongst the top 5 scoring midfielders and won’t disappoint his owners.


Kevin De Bruyne
Up next we have the Man City midfielder priced at £10m. He scored 199 points last season which included 6 goals and 18 assists. His 18 assists were more than any other player in the Premier League last season. He created 24 big chances last season. He also hit the woodwork 9 times and missed 3 big chances. We are confident that he will finish amongst the top 5 midfielders this season.


Dele Alli
This 21 year old English midfielder playing for Spurs is an exciting FPL prospect. He scored a total of 225 points last season which was the second highest total score in FPL only behind Alexis Sanchez. He scored 18 goals last season and made 7 assists. He created 5 big chances, hit the woodwork 5 times and missed 11 big chances. He is priced at £9.5m this season.This young lad is still far off from reaching his peak form and and will surely improve a lot in the upcoming seasons and definitely a player to watch out for this FPL season with a playmaker like Eriksen in the side.


Sadio Mane
The Senegal national had a great 2016/2017 season in terms of FPL. Although missed a major part of last season due to the African Cup of Nations and a serious injury that ended his season a month earlier but still managed to score 156 points which included 13 goals and 5 assists. Now with addition of Mohamed Salah in the Liverpool squad there is a definite chance that Mane will achieve much more this season and should make his owners very happy and that is why he’s one to watch out for this season.


Paul Pogba
Last year, the French national made a world record transfer from Juventus to his former side, Manchester United. He scored 115 points last season with 5 goals and 4 assists. He hit the woodwork 6 times, missed 5 big chances and created 7 big chances last season. He managed to perform so well even after playing deep in the midfield last season. This season he is priced at £8m and the arrival of his old friend, Romelu Lukaku at Manchester United might promote him to play as an attacking midfielder and he should be able to create many more chances and score many points.

-Team FPL MasterMinds


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