Top 5 Defenders to watch out for in the upcoming FPL Season

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Marcos Alonso
This 26 year old spainsh left back made a move to Chelsea last summer from Florentina. He had previously played in the premier league for Sunderland and Bolton and was not able to create an impact but made a comeback when Conte started using 3-4-3 formation and started playing Alonso as a Left wing back which benifited his FPL owners a lot. His price rose from £6m to £6.9m. He scored 177 points last season which included 6 goals, 5 assists and played a vital part in helping Chelsea clinch 15 clean sheets and eventually the Premier League Title. This season he is priced at £7m and we feel his influence in the attack will help his owners score a lot of points and we feel that he will prove his worth again.

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James Milner
The Liverpool number 7 played as left back but was listed in FPL as a midfielder. This season he has been reclassified as a defender and is priced at £6.5m. Last season he was the penalty taker for Liverpool and scored all his 7 goals from the spot. He was also able to get 4 assists because of which he scored 139 points last season but missed out on the 12 clean sheets that Liverpool managed last season. But the reclassification will benefit his owners a lot and we feel he is definitely a defender worth watching out for this FPL season.

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Leighton Baines
The Everton Left Back has been a great FPL asset for the past many seasons because of his involvement in the attack and not to forget that he also takes set pieces for Everton. Last season he scored a total of 135 points, 2 goals, 5 assists and 11 clean sheets. He was the goto man after Shemaus Coleman suffered a horrific injury. We feel that this season too he is going score a lot of points and we feel that he may finish in the top 5.

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Gareth McAuley
Up next we have the West Brom defender priced at £5m this season. He scored a total of 131 points last season with 6 goals, an assist and 7 clean sheets. Out of the 6 goals that he scored 4 goals were scored with a header. He is really beneficial during set pieces due to his height and has a really high chance of creating chances when the ball is in the air. We feel that he is one to watch out for this season.

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Toby Alderweireld
This Belgium defender is a vital part in the Spurs defence. Last season he scored 120 points with a goal and 14 clean sheets in a season in which he sidelined due to injury for a while.He is priced at £6m this season and hopefully should score more goals this season. He is very similar to McAuley and has a high chance creation when the ball is in the air. With a chance of Dany Rose and Kyle Walker leaving the club this summer, he is the player to go for in the Spurs defence.


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